Titans Go Into Fasting And Prayer For Their Queen #Tacha

It is no longer news that the Titans have put a gap in fan base as the hashtag #Prayer4TachaNTitans has been trending on social media. The titans decided to go on a fasting and prayer for Tacha and themselves as they want her to excel in all she is doing.

This is a major prove that the Titans are ready and willing to go the length and breathe for Tacha to achieve her goals and be comfortable. No doubt the Titans does not joke with anything that has to do with Tacha. From them making sure her products are all sold out, to them making and helping her bag lots of endorsement deals. Down to organizing her own reality show #HouseOfTacha


One will obviously love to have such a fan base that is ready and willing to be with you through thick and thin.

Tacha on the other hand has also not failed in anyway in terms of appreciating her titans who has got her back from Day one in the big brother Naija reality show. Despite her flaws, they still love her, which according to her is a true definition of #Family not just a #Fanbase.

No doubt, Titans have also proved that indeed there are levels to this, when it comes to stanning a particular celebrity. This is so as they have decided to make #Tacha trends on social media every single day, and that actually got some Anti-Titans angry or better still jealous.

Truth be told, #Titans are unstoppable when it comes to them achieving their goals… but then, will you say they are always over reacting to things or too extreme when it comes to making Tacha popular?

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