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“To err is human, to forgive is divine” Yhemolee forgives Lilfrosh after assault

Media Personality, Yhemolee has decided to call it quits on his banter with singer Lil Frosh.

The duo recently made the headlines after Lil Frosh accused Yhemolee of slapping him at a recent event simply because he did not greet him.

Yhemolee had slammed him with a lawsuit for the claim, and in response, Lil Frosh filed a counter-lawsuit.

Until a recent event, Yhemolee was met with the same Fate, as he was reportedly slapped by an alleged cultist.

Yhemolee’s best friend, Whitelion has explained that some guys, alleged to be cultists, beat up yhemolee, but some how, Yhemolee assumes that his friend, Whitelion had conspired with people to assault him, which has now caused a rift between them.

In a recent development, Yhemolee has decided to let the sleeping dog lie. He said that all of these troubles have been really hard on him. He expressed that he had been feeling very stressed and even faced threats from some scary people. Despite all this, Yhemolee announced he has forgiven Lilfrosh. 

Yhemolee talked about how life, especially when you’re trying to do great things, is never easy. He also thanked the Nigerian police and the legal system for helping him through these tough times.

”To err is human, to forgive is divine. Journey to greatness is never an easy one, l’ve accepted everything with fate. I’m praying to God to restore my sanity and put my mental health into a safe space.

“Love to my orohar; bash and Oloro hands. All my years in this career l’ve never been involved in con it, never meddled with anything incriminating and I’ll forever choose that stance cos God has really blessed me beyond words.

“Thanks to the Nigerian police force and the Nigerian judicial system (Falana Chambers and inibehe effiong chambers ) for the support to help me out of this unfortunate situation that befell me.

“Love to my brother @whitelion cub even though i nearly strang ‘ed you cos I felt it was a case of conspiracy, Thank you Dad @scottipipi for everything. Love to my Bayrock and thank you to everyone that believed my innocence and didn’t judge me wrongly”.

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