Tribal leaders Charges Ministers to Banish poverty, renergize the country

The 45-member cabinet of President Bola Tinubu has been charged to get on their toes and deliver on their principal’s mandate of the Renewed Hope Agenda or resign their appointments.

Nigeria’s tribal leaders under the aegis of “The Natives” gave the charge on Wednesday during the launching of a hashtag #AllEyesOnMDAs – a performance monitoring tool to keep appointees in check.

The leader of the group, Hon. Smart Edwards, while addressing a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday said President Tinubu has demonstrated good leadership and demonstrated himself a large-hearted father, hence the appointees must reciprocate by way of excellent performance or risk being removed.

He said: “We are total and firm believers in the Renewed Hope administration, so will give you the citizens’ support, we will be at your doors, will keep you on your toes, meet you in the field, monitor and evaluate your progress and we will not be afraid to spot you out or call for you to be booted out. This time around, Nigerians must win.

“The undaunting task to renew the hope of Nigerians through creative and innovative solutions has been signaled unmistakably.

“We are all aware of the sacrifices Nigerians have had to make in the face of the bold decisions to rescue our country by President Tinubu and the challenges of temporary pain confronting the people.

“To the Honorable Ministers, we say congratulations! We call on you to be constantly aware of the Renewed Hope Covenant with the People.

“Hon. Ministers, come alive, wake up and rise up! You are 45 of the best amongst us, do not be a disgrace to us, globally, collectively and individually, we won’t tolerate failure.

“The entire country expects much from you, also the President and may your reign be prosperous.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has played his part, he has both the mandatory role to supervise and be responsible for successes and failures.”

“Hon. Ministers, we call on you to be on your toes, fold your sleeves, the task is enormous, you all have the pedigree to surmount them. This is our clear chance to restore the image, the glory and economy of our Nation.

“Banish poverty, renergize the country, give hope to young people, women and the disabled, open up the reservoir of knowledge, potentials and skills inherent in the nation, we want to see great infrastructures, durable roads, active railways, amazing air and land transport, utilize the sun, the ocean, our brains, create polices that make businesses profitable and inspire Nigerians at home and everywhere.

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