Tv Critic Piers Morgan Drags Meghan Markle And Prince Harry See Why.

American tv host Piers Morgan has reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announcing that they are expecting their second baby on social media.
The couple with so much excitement, shared a black and white photo of themselves announcing they are expecting their second child, after suffering a miscarriage last year.

According to Piers Morgan, he stated that both prince harry and Meghan Markle had claimed they wanted their privacy. Yet, they made a public announcement on the arrival of their second child.

Morgan tweeted;

“BREAKING: Harry & Meghan have announced they’re pregnant and released this cheesy photo of themselves to ensure the media gives the story about their private life more prominence – in their latest courageous effort to stop the same media focusing on their private life.”

“They don’t want privacy. They want publicity but only if it’s positive. So today they let all the papers they hate publish their baby announcement photo because it enhances their brand. A few days ago, they were trashing the same papers as dehumanizing invaders of their privacy.”

“The Star front page isn’t nasty or abusive or wishing someone dead. It’s funny, and part of a running joke they’ve done for a while in which they mock Meghan & Harry’s hypocritical pretense to crave privacy – by never naming them when they do their endless publicity stunts.”

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