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TV Host Trisha Goddard reveals her Cancer has returned and ‘it’s not going to go away’

Trisha Goddard, best known for hosting the talk show Trisha, has revealed her cancer has returned after previously being diagnosed in 2008 and recovering from the illness.

In 2008, the 66-year-old British TV presenter was diagnosed with and recovered from, breast cancer. Until she discovered 19 months ago that her cancer had returned, this time to her right hip.

In an interview with Hello magazine, Goddard revealed she had been diagnosed with stage four secondary breast cancer, which relates to a cancer that started in the breast and has moved to another part of the body.

“It’s not going to go away,” said Goddard. “And with that knowledge comes grief, and fear. But I must keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed.”

The mum of two said that keeping the illness a secret was “becoming a burden” and while she was “nervous” about revealing cancer’s re-emergence, “it needed to be done”. 

“I can’t lie…I can’t keep making up stories,” she said. “It gets to a stage, after a year and a half, when keeping a secret becomes more of a burden than anything else.”

Goddard said her secondary diagnosis was discovered when she noticed she had been incurring injuries doing sports activities and went to the doctor. She used to do weight training in the gym three times per week and regularly went ice skating and running. She then had a serious fall when she was running up the stairs in her home.

“I was upside down, my legs behind me, and clinging on to the bannister. I went to move my leg – and I’m not a wimp – but I’d never felt pain like it. I now know it was shattered,” she says.

Goddard added that while she has chosen to make her diagnosis public, she does not want to become what she describes as “a poster girl for cancer”.

“It’s not who I am. It’s not why I’m here,” she said.

“Also, I didn’t want to read words like ‘dying’ and ‘terminal’ or ‘battling’,” she said. “Or ‘inspirational’, because it’s all b******s.”

“My worry is that people will start seeing me as a frail little thing, and that if [the news] got out, I’d be judged, or people would change the way they are with me, or that I wouldn’t work,” she explained.

“I’m a journalist; I don’t want to be ‘the story’. I don’t want to be interviewing someone and for them to say to me: ‘I’m so so

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