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Omah Lay Announces Break from Music

Nigerian Afro-depression singer, Stanley Omah Didia, professionally addressed as Omah Lay, has revealed that he is taking a sabbatical from music.

In an Instagram story on Saturday, February 17, 2024, Omah Lay made the announcement, informing his fans not to expect any new music from him anytime soon.

“I am not giving you new music anytime soon,” Omah Lay wrote.

He didn’t disclose the reason for his break from music. However, in another post, the singer stated; “I need a little more love.”

Omah Lay’s decision has left several of his fans wondering if his constant lamentation about depression is finally taking a toll on him. Many still pleaded with the singer to reconsider his position.

Recently, Omah Lay in an interview with The Beat FM, London, United Kingdom, said he doesn’t care about whatever tag his music is given as long as fans are enjoying it.

He added that he would never argue with the opinions of fans.

Omah Lay said, “I just make my music how I want to make my music. I try as much as possible to stay away from titles and everything the world is trying to put on you. Because as my guy would always say, ‘When the smokes clear, then you see clearly.

“So when you identify with those things [titles and tags] it just… I just make my music, I don’t care what anybody wants to tag it to enjoy it as long as you enjoy the music. If you feel like it’s Afro-depression, I am okay with that as long as you enjoy the music. Some other people will dance to it.

“It’s  art. That’s what I make and I just leave the world to enjoy how they want to enjoy it. The fans have their own opinions, I would never argue with that. If that’s how they enjoy it, that’s how they enjoy it.”

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