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Tyler Perry Becomes The First Black American Actor To Own An Airport

Emmitt Perry Junior famously known as Tyler Perry, who kicked off his career in the movie industry in 1992, has proven to the whole world that he is indeed a goal-getter.

The American actor, writer, producer and director who was ones said to be homeless seems to be achieving his dreams day after day, as he owns the most expensive landed properties anyone could have.

Tyler Perry was listed as Forbes highest paid man in the entertainment industry, in 2011, earning US$130 million between may 2010 and may 2011. Well on the 1st of September 2020, Tyler made it to the Forbes Billionaire list as he was recognized as one.


Tyler who already owns a 330-acre studio is not yet close to achieving his dream of becoming the wealthiest man in the entertainment industry.


Few days after being recognized as a billionaire by Forbes, Tyler Perry speaks about building his own Airport in his estate in Atlanta.


Perry who is fitting into his billionaire status doesn’t have the need to fly commercials as he will be owning another private jet pretty soon.

From the look of things Tyler Perry may have his retirement plan all sorted out as he has devoted several years of planning and building his Perrylands, with his organic farm filled with horses an other animals to go with.

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