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Why I secretly moved out of Davido’s house after Chioma got pregnant– Peruzzi opens up

Nigerian singer, Peruzzi, has finally opened up about his reason for secretly moving out of Davido’s house after Chioma got pregnant.

In a recent edition of the Zero Conditions podcast, Peruzzi said he was informed that Chioma would be coming over to live in the house and he believed it was only right for him to get his own place.

Peruzzi said he began to search for a house without telling anyone including his boss, Davido, about his plans.

However, he added that at a point, he had to tell Obama about his intention before subsequently opening up to Davido after he had secured a place.

“When Chioma got pregnant I had to move out. When Ifeanyi was about to be born. When I was looking for the place I didn’t tell Davido. But they called me and said Chioma is coming”, Peruzzi said.

Peruzzi also recalled recalled how someone planted a fetish item in his jacket while he was staying in the house of his music label boss, Davido.

The ‘Majesty’ crooner said after taking his showing one evening, he reached out for his jacket in the wardrobe and a charm fell from the clothes.

According to Peruzzi, the fetish item, which was tied was meant to harm him but lost its potency because his “head is strong”, and only their late associate, Obama DMW, fondly called 44, knew about what happened.

In his words;

“While I was staying at Davido’s house, one evening I took a shower and then went to the wardrobe to dress, I wore my shirt and pants. And then one jacket was just telling me, ‘Wear me, wear me.’

“I don’t know how to explain this but I carried the jacket and while I was trying to wear it, something fell and I looked I saw jazz tied and everything. Juju, better juju in my room in a jacket that just came from the laundry. Na say my head strong na e make I see am.”

Peruzzi also recounted how Chioma linked him to Davido during his up-and-coming days.

Peruzzi revealed that it all started with a discussion with a random person on Twitter who kept reminding him of some past experiences, in an attempt to establish that they both knew each other before – although, he later made it clear during the course of the interview that he and this person were family friends.

The person then told him that Davido sent her his song. At first, this remark left him confused and he tried to understand whether the person meant the Nigerian singer Davido.

When he got around to asking the person how she revealed that she and the singer had dated.

Peruzzi revealed that this ‘person’ turned out to be Chioma, and she informed him that Davido would like to meet him.

He spoke on how Chioma kept reminding him about the meeting until he finally met with Davido, and that marked the beginning of his career in the music industry.

Peruzzi also disclosed that Davido has never charged him a dime for collaborations, features, or any partnerships they’ve engaged in.

The popular singer expressed his gratitude for Davido’s selfless nature, emphasizing the remarkable aspects of their professional relationship. Despite the industry norm of charging fees for collaborations, Davido has consistently waived any charges for Peruzzi and receives his full royalties for the collaborative projects they have undertaken.

Peruzzi expressed his commitment to reciprocating Davido’s kindness by remaining fiercely loyal to him.

The singer emphasized that loyalty is his way of paying back the support and opportunities that Davido has provided throughout their association.

Speaking on his rumoured relationship with Chioma yet again, Peruzzi revealed that Davido has never asked him about it nor have they engaged in discussions about it.

He said, “Till today, Davido never asked me about it because once you ask me you don fvck up”.

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