Wike Lacks A Physical Address Outside Of Politic -Ukachukwu

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, has been charged by former House of Representatives member and land developer Hon. Linus Ukachukwu of working to steal his legally allotted properties in order to favour certain Lebanese land developers.

Ukachukwu, who spoke in an interview on AIT on Wednesday accused Wike and a former minister of the FCT, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai of collaborating with Lebanese developers to take away his land.

According to Ukachukwu, Wike lacks a physical address outside of politics, making it impossible for him to scare him over his recently demolished property in Abuja. 

Ukachukwu, who questioned the minister’s motivation for disparaging his efforts to improve Abuja, claimed that his innovative involvement in the city’s real estate development earned him a national prize in 2003.

In addition to challenging Wike in his speech, Ukachukwu enquired as to Wike’s whereabouts following his 2003 recognition for his services to the building construction industry.

Ukachukwu made his remarks after the minister’s press conference on Tuesday, where Wike charged the Ukachukwu brothers with gaming the system to obtain favourable rulings for themselves at the expense of the general welfare.

He however reacted saying, “As far back as 2003, I had a national honour as a result of what I had been doing in the housing sector in Abuja. In 2005, my brother had a similar honour.

“How can you call Linus Ukachukwu and Nichoas Ukachukwu land grabbers? We need a serious apology from Wike.

Where was Wike in 2003, when a national honor was given to me as a result of developing Abuja? Where was he?

“Is it because of these fake opportunities that they have in the country that led them to come on television and start harassing the citizens? When you talk of integrity we never go into shady deals,” he said.

Speaking on how he got the land, Ukachukwu said: “This land was given in the nineties. I gave the documents showing the ministerial approval to AIT.

“Along the way because of the size of the land, El-Rufai came in and intimidated the first person (allotee) that they gave that land and did all manners of things to try to take that land from him.

“At the end of the day, they went to EFCC, went to court and the court discharged the guy and said there is no forgery on the document. They went to court of Appeal, EFCC lost and they gave up and gave the Certificate of Clearance to the initial person that the land was allocated to.

“That was when we now came in and acquired some of the property and discovered that while the matter was still in the court, that El-Rufai went and gave part of the plot to Sunrise without even revoking our rights.

“So, you can see the impunity. Some of these leaders you need to stop listening to them because they are just bunch of liars. He took part of the land and gave it to Sunrise, (Lebanese) without revoking our title,” he reiterated.

Ukachukwu claims that Mohammed Bello, the immediate former minister of the Federal Capital Territory, organised a panel to settle the dispute and that the panel concluded that the original title including the Ukachukwu brothers was still valid.

However, he claimed, the previous administration begged them to give up the land Sunrise had already developed and continue developing the remaining area. 

He added that, in contrast to Wike’s assertion, the land dispute was settled in his favour roughly seven months prior to the departure of the previous government.

Speaking further he said, “Along the way, these Lebanese went to Wike and called for a meeting. My brother went to the meeting and in that meeting, Wike started intimidation, he didn’t even want my brother to talk, but Ukachukwu cannot be intimidated because Wike does not have address even to intimidate anybody.

“If he can intimidate, it is not me because I made my money through the grace of God and sweat. I never stole and I never worked for any government. In that meeting, he didn’t even want my brother to talk until my brother raised his voice and said you cannot bring me for a meeting and tell me that I cannot talk and that only my lawyer can talk.”

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