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“You’re an ugly fat wig seller” – Paul Okoye fights dirty with wig vendor who dragged his family and late mother

Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye otherwise known as Rude Boy, didn’t hold back as he lashed out at a wig vendor for tackling him over his statement.

The singer, via his Instagram story, shared how many ladies want to level up in life with wigs, meanwhile, 99.9% of men don’t even care. He admonished such women to rather focus on having brains.

“Some of y’all wanna level up in life with wigs.

99.9% of real men no send wetin you put for head. But at least just have brain”, he shared.

His statement didn’t sit well with a wig vendor, who noted how his ex-wife, Anita Okoye wasn’t a wig person and had brain, yet he still left her for Ivy Ifeoma, who is a wig lover. Telling him to keep his advice to himself, she stated that the singer is the one who lacks brain, noting how women who take care of themselves keep winning.

“Brain dey your talk @anita_okoye has so much brain and wasn’t really a wig person kept her cool and stayed on her lane for a long while but you still noticed Shangi Shangi flesh flesh @ivy_zenny that’s loud in every aspect. Abeg @iamkingrudy keep your advice to your brainless self cos na you really no get brain cos 99.9% of women who take care of themselves keep winning and bagging the men back to back. If u like follow his advice them go take your man first, then u go know whether pen!s go school to know who get brain or not. Also who told you women wear wigs to only impress men, a lot of women have learned self-love and self-appreciation. Some gift themselves wigs on their birthdays. Looking good is good business and also u get addressed with the way u are dressed”.

Reacting to her comment, Paul Okoye personally slid into her DM, calling her an ugly fat wig seller,  noting how she has to use filters to enhance her beauty because of her ugliness.

He also stated that at the end of the day, men are the goals for women.

“An ugly wig fat seller has spoken. So men are the goals. You are so ugly that you have to use filter”.

As the two exchanged words in her DM, he advised her to take care of her weight. He wrote, “Pls take care of your weight and be safe”.

Not one to be body shamed, she didn’t back down, but instead took to her Instagram page to further drag him writing,

“This one is in my DM trying to body shame the most confident woman on this planet I have tasted most sizes and I look too amazing to feel bad hahaha. Woman wrapper you talk about brain yet constantly sounding brainless. Your so much with the physical body am sure that’s also another stup!d reason I jumped to your new stick that will also put weight after one or two kids cos @anita_okoyr was slim n beautiful when u married her and she is still super beautiful in her current shape. Let’s wait for your @ivy_zenny to give u kids and we see results. Mugu where did I say girls wear the wigs for men? If looking good is a problem to u it’s not for some. Your rude message will never stop the same rudeness u killed your mum with ewu”.

By Ezinne Okorie.

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