2023 Presidency: I think I’m the most prepared-Kalu

Chief Whip of the Senate, and former Abia State Governor Senator Orji Kalu, has said he’ is not afraid to challenge Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the National leader of the All Progressives Congress,  for the party’s 2023 presidential ticket.

Kalu stated this during his appearance on Channels Television a few days after Tinubu declared his ambition to run the 2023 presidential race.

Kalu noted that the South-West, where Tinubu is from, had occupied the presidential seat whereas no Igbo man had been elected in the same office since the country be an to practice democracy.

According to him, “I do not see Tinubu’s aspiration having any effect on a President of Nigeria coming from Igbo area.

“It has no effect because we are talking based on what Nigeria should be, based on what people should believe.

“Obasanjo had been President for eight years. Osinbajo is about to conclude eight years as Vice President. Yet, no Igbo man since independence has been democratically elected as President.

“So, it’s always good to think of what is reasonable and what is more sellable.

“That thing is almost like dead on arrival because it is not going to work,” Kalu said.

Kalu who was asked if he has what it takes to win the party’s presidential ticket ahead of the National leader said, “I’m the most prepared presidential candidate in Nigeria.

“I’m capable healthwise and as a person, and also capable to face anybody. But the party is supreme. I’m only waiting for the APC.”

“Contesting for President is not the issue. For me, it is who will lead the country into economic miracle and economic turnaround.

“I’m not against Tinubu. If the presidential ticket is zoned to his area and the party gives him the go-ahead, that’s supreme. I’m only waiting for the party.

“But to run for President, I think I’m the most prepared. I did it in 2007.

“If I consider running, I’ll be the most formidable candidate at Eagles Square. I have everything it takes to face any candidate.”

Further responding to the question if Tinubu’s ambition will constrain the Igbo of the chance to produce a President, Kalu stressed, “I don’t want to talk about his ambition.

“All I know is that as long as the party is zoning it to the South, the South-East should take preference to anybody that is trying to run. That is what it should be and that is what I will stand for.”

Kalu further added that, “I’ll be ready to face him at Eagles  Square. I have everything it takes to face any candidate.”

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