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Actors Zubby Michael and Junior Pope blast Annie Idibia for bringing her marital crises to social media

Actors Zubby Michael and Junior Pope have blasted Annie Idibia for washing her dirty linens in public.

It would be recalled that Annie in a now-deleted post called out her husband, singer Tuface Idibia, for having an extra-marital affair with his baby mama, Pero Osayemi and sharing a bed with her while he went to see his children, amongst other things.

Reacting to this, Zubby opined that a God-fearing woman with home training will never call out her husband on social media and a female who does so is a wrong woman.

“Any woman that calls you out online is a wrong woman no matter what because a GOD fearing woman with home training will understand that this space is just like a market square. NDI ala NDI ala”, Zubby wrote.

On the other hand, Junior Pope opined that no issue brought on social media has ever been tackled amicably, instead it worsens the entire situation. He advised that couples having marital issues should take their issues to their parents or counselor.

Tuface’s brother, Charles Idibia had earlier described Annie as evil on social media, alleging that Annie’s mother uses ‘Juju’ to help patch Annie’s marriage but failed this time, hence she resorted to social media clout and attention.

Charles wrote on his Instagram, ”Living under which roof? Now you have totally gone mad. Your house that I, your husband’s, only relative in Lagos can’t spend two hours visiting without your mum acting like the world is coming to an end. Just so you know I visit because of the kids. I visit sometimes cause you both are a boring bunch.

Continue with your lies and gather your sympathy party online. The truth won’t hide forever. Respect? That went out of the window a long time ago. God knows I have been nothing but respectful.

Don’t talk, keep your family affair off social media. Is it until he is dead? This is not me at all but I’m ready to be this person if it’s going to help Inno’s life. The peaceful nature way has clearly failed over the years. Let us try this one. I am going to keep mute for now out of respect for some people, but the truth will surely come out this time around.

Your juju and drugs are finally catching up with you. These things never end well. Even your family has disowned you, that’s how terrible you are. All the public sympathy and lies won’t save you. Your mum who didn’t last one year in your dad’s house can live in your matrimonial home since you got married to be doing juju, but juju never ends well. The truth never expires”.

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