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Acute Cheating Is Not Enough Reason To Quit Your Relationship – Actor Uti Nwachukwu

In a recent Twitter thread, Actor Uti Nwachukwu opined that If acute (not chronic) cheating were the
reason to quit one’s relationship, then the person involved has no business being in a relationship or
getting married.

He said people are so obsessed with relationships that they choose to ignore the unseen truth and if you
have a partner that’s kind and makes out time for the relationship, ‘Acute Cheating’ should not be a
reason to leave as it is extremely hard for humans to be sexually committed to one partner. He further
gave an analogy to buttress his point.

”We are so obsessed with relationships yet we have refused to accept the inconvenient truths about
em. If acute (not chronic) cheating is the reason you leave your relationship, then you have no business
being in one in the first place not to talk of marrying!

As long as you have a partner that is kind to u, provides for u, spends adequate time with u/does not
Neglect u emotionally&physically- Then what else do u really want?” Truth is, it is EXTREMELY hard for
humans to be sexually committed to ONE human for the rest of their Lives! Let’s be real and think about
it. So You are expected to be physically intimate with one person for the rest of your life? (Even if you
marry in your 20s?) Lol.

ANALOGY – Starch and Banga is super tasty and our favourite but there are days you wake up craving king
prawns with special fried rice. FYI, if Banga is forced down our throat, u might end up resenting Banga for a

He was of the opinion that the needless pressure of monogamy has pushed people into enduring
relationships, as most of these relationships, turn out “pretentious, hypocritical and sad”.

“I feel the needless pressure of monogamy has/is still destroying relationships. NOT TO SAY IT DOESNT
WORK O! But most LONG TERM monogamous relationships are pretentious, hypocritical and sad. YET
they are the ones quick to judge and pressure others to live freely.

This is a real non-judgemental conversation EVERYONE should have with themselves and their intending
partners so u don’t lead anyone into depression via deceit.

“Whether u are Female or Male, Ur Preferences are Ur Preferences (as long as it’s not an addiction) Let’s
not talk about Solomon’s Wives&Concubines cos we know when we add religion, the conversation
becomes closed&heated. Just do U and be real with UR expectations”. He tweeted.

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