Ajisafe Accuses Aiyedatiwa, Obe of Being Behind Ondo State Crisis 

An Akure-based Lawyer and Activist, Sola Ajisafe has said the crisis in Ondo State is being feuded by the embattled deputy governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, and the Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Rasaq Obe.

Ajisafe stated this while speaking on Fresh FM evening program in Akure. His comment follows Rasaq Obe’s claim that some documents were being signed by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu under false pretenses.

Although the Governor refuted Obe’s claim that his signature wasn’t faked, Ajisafe claimed Obe’s accusation was careless and risky.

He said, “A signature is a mark which is known with someone. Forging it is a criminal offense.

“It’s the owner of the signature that can say his signature is forged. If you have been signing in a particular way before and it changed, if you say it’s yours, then it’s yours.

“On this issue of signature forgery in Ondo State, may we not mistake our enemy as a friend. Akeredolu is a courageous man. And he’s a very fair Man.  But there are many enemies in his cabinet.

“The way it is, I am sure that Aketi is coming back. Unfortunately, many of those people creating this crisis were unknown to the people of Ondo state before Akeredolu made us know them.

“These noise makers, we didn’t know them. Akeredolu made us know them. Deputy Governor, Rasaq Obe, and others creating problems in the state, we didn’t know them until Akeredolu brought them.

“Akeredolu raised them. They are the ones creating the crisis in the state. Is Rasaq Obe the owner of the signature? It’s the owner of the signature that can say his signature is forged.

“You sworn an oath of secrecy, you signed that you won’t leak government documents. You are a man under authority. Engr. Rasaq Obe is a commissioner appointed by Akeredolu.

“He was supposed to carry the document to the maker of the signature. He should have called the attention of the secretariat, which is the SSG.

“If it’s not that you want to bring down the house, the governor has already said his signature is not forged. So, Obe is saying that Akeredolu is a liar? These are people that want to bring down Akeredolu and his government.

“Look at Kayode Ajulo. You see, you can’t be outside and be throwing stone home. I have not seen anything of value that Kayode has done for Ondo State. Especially for Ifira, his hometown.

“This forensic analysis they claimed to have done, Kayode said he’s the owner of the document. One Kolawole was on Channels TV making mouth.

“That guy Kolawole ran away from this state. The commissioner, Obe is laying claim. So, there is a fraud somewhere. They are collaborating, led by a man.

“Look at the Sowore family. When Omoyele Sowore was accused of treason, Aketi stood for him and even accused Buhari pointingly that you can’t be accusing Sowore of treason when Fulani herdsmen are walking freely.

“That led to the release of Sowore. Aketi made sure that another Sowore got out of law school. There is another Sowore, who was a civil servant and received a double salary as a civil servant and political appointee.

“For me, I want to warn the deputy Governor, these people around you, we know them. Go and look at their record, they change alliance like a baby’s diaper.

Ajisafe said that “They have the propensity to move from party to party in the very short term. They owe no one their loyalty except themselves.  Don’t let them mislead you.”

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