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“Audio Fundraiser”- Uche Maduagwu demands Davido Drop List of Orphanages to Get N250m

Uche Maduagwu, who is in the habit of prying into literally all media affairs has demanded that singer Davido drop the list of orphanages that benefitted from the N250M he raised through his social media crowdfunding.

It will be recalled that Davido made the waves on social media after he made a post, daring his friends to credit him with a million Naira each and he was able to raise N200M. In the same vein, the singer added an extra N50m and set up a five-man panel to overseer the allocation of the funds to orphanages across Nigeria.

The controversial actor, Maduagwu earlier blasted Davido for putting professors in charge of the fund disbursement. But in the most recent development, Maduagwu has accused Davido of plotting fake crowdfunding.

Maduagwu challenged Davido to post the names of all the orphanages he was going to give the N250 million just like he did when posting receipts of those who sent the money. 

Watch the video below for more details:

Meanwhile, Netizens have reacted to Maduagwu’s recent display. They claim that Maduagwu is only trying to stay relevant, that’s why he chose Davido as a topic.

Real_deborahh: “This guy just wants to be relevant ♀️.” 

Miramiccreation: “God please I pray for this guy, pls send him his destiny helpers IJN amen!! This is not funny at all.”

Balebolatito2004: “You are entitle to your opinion! This time, it conforms with mine. The goal is to ensure the money gets to the orphanage homes. Not just the social media razzmatazz.”

Thriftbysweez: “What is really wrong with this guy .”

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