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BBNaija Allstars: Soma Wins Head of House for the Week

 Somadina has emerged as the head of house for this week, and the sole immunity holder from next Sunday’s live evictions.

In an unexpected twist of fate, the pardon me twist produced no winner, as there was a tie between Angel and Cross who both had seven votes each. According to the “pardon me please” rules, should there be a tie in votes, then no one will earn immunity.  

The black envelope challenge on the other hand had no immunity on offer this time around. 

Angel, Cross, and Doyin were the lucky recipients of Biggie’s black envelopes. They were, however, faced with disappointment as they all got responses that shocked them to the marrow. Angel’s envelope contained a “better luck next time” tag, while Cross won himself a box of pizza. 

A very hopeful Doyin almost dropped to the floor upon realizing that her envelope also did not carry the highly coveted news of immunity instead, Big Brother served her with the promise of a homemade meal, to be delivered anytime this week.

 “Biggie, you can’t do this to our blood pressure,” Doyin lamented loudly in the lounge. 

This new twist makes Soma the only housemate who is safe from eviction this week. 

During the HOH task, the housemates were made to search through some numbers inside a disgusting liquid content using just their faces for the search, after which they fixed a puzzle of Biggie’s eye.

Soma won the Head of House game ahead of Venita and Ike with a total of five minutes and ten seconds. Now, he has unrestricted access to the HOH lounge, bedroom, and gym and is immunity from this week’s eviction.

In his choice of his four BFFs, Soma picks his love interest in the house, Angel, first, and then Adekunle, Alex, and Seyi. They also get access to some of the HOH features.

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