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BBNaija7: Twist of the event as Biggie Announces Two Houses for Housemates

After Big Brother officially welcomed the first set of Housemates, they got down to the business of picking their closet spaces and beds, which was of course preceded by a quick tour through Biggie’s house.

The  first look inside the BBNaija house had fans raving, but Biggie had a surprise in store for us. There are two houses, one of which is presently occupied by the first set of housemates, while the second set of housemates currently occupies the other.

Reacting to the newly unveiled house, fans of the show claimed the first set of housemates are from the trenches, and that was why Biggie placed them in a small but comfortable apartment.

They called the other apartment the “Island”, being that it has a better decor than he previous one.


dndluxury_: “No one will tune into that gh*tto as* blue haunt*d house anymore ,this house is way much better”.

annex_beddings: “Thank God for this new house oh yesterday’s own was for the trenches”.

_radiantj_: “This is the real house..the other one is the boys quarters”.

prizzygat: “Yesterday ox na mainland house. Na today biggie show us island house trenches VS Rich kids”.

mylittlecakebox: “Island VS Mainland on your screens”.

ezealachikaijeoma: “Na now the real big brother start, yesterday was small brother, this is the real house, we know”.

maquillage_by_abyna: “This is better. The one we seeing di33 it’s too hard to watch”.

oyindml__: “Yesterday was for househelps”.

lavivia25: “Yesterday was for trenches  today nay for man no man”.

aiseosa_: “But wetin yesterday housemates do biggie wey e put them for self con”?

i.amzara_: “Yesterday was for people in the trenches(mainland). Today is for island people”.

amahblankson: “Hah.I come fear yesterday…so Biggie is hiding his house now …issokay”.

Here’s a quick look at what the houses looks like:

First House

Second House

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