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BBNaijaAllStars: Kim Oprah and Doyin evicted from Big Brother Naija House

Kim Oprah, a special guest in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition show and a fellow housemate, Doyin have been evicted from the Big Brother Naija All-Stars show.

Throughout her time in the house, Doyin made headlines for her unfiltered honesty and blunt communication style.

Before the eviction, Ebuka, the show’s host mentioned that Doyin had previously expressed her desire to be asked a question during the live eviction show.

In light of Doyin’s statement in the house, Ebuka proceeded to ask her questions about her thoughts, and Doyin chose to speak about Venita.

Doyin said, “I think she’s a very mean girl, considering the fact that she’s quite old, I expect a lot of maturity from her and she lacks all the maturity.”

This comes after Doyin told Alex on Saturday, September 9, that the only reason Venita has not been evicted is because she is in a relationship with Adekunle.

“The only reason Venita is still in this house is because she’s in a ship with Adekunle. If she was standing alone, she’d be out of this game a long time ago. She brings nothing but negativity and toxicity to this show. NOTHING”, Doyin said.

While at the Eviction stage, Ebuka asked what she thought could have been her problem during her stain in the house and she responded,

“I think my mouth is my problem. I will always speak my mind. I have been mentally exhausted in the house and all the vibes and negative energy may have taken a toll on me”.

When asked, if she really made friends in the house given the different conflicts she has had with different housemates, Doyin said, 

“I still have friends in the house – CeeC is my friend, Ilebaye was my friend… I am a sensitive person and can’t have many friends. On what I plan to do after the house, I want to continue my podcast. It’s not going to be ‘Let’s talk with Doyin’ anymore but ‘Let’s have a conversation.”

While her honesty may have ruffled feathers and caused tensions within the house, Doyin’s presence undeniably added a layer of authenticity and unpredictability to the AllStars edition.

Here’s how Netizens reacted;

ads_byfayo: “My baby gave us a show❤️.” 

thevintagepalace_ng’: “A true entertainer why una con evict am .. I doubts if votes count cef .” 

__shabzy: “Parrot resemblance .” 

official_kahlan: “Chaiiii biggie parrot will miss her twinnie.” 

onyinyeee._: “Na she use her mouth tell biggie say she tire nau‍♀️ Next time ask me for insults dat one no really enter body.” 

mufeeda_rasheed1: “Finally the gossip machine is out.” 

mide__scott: “Good job my girl .” 

atehnkeng_: “The world dosent deserve you 

@officialdoyin_ . You are real and rare .You indeed gave us a show .Go and prosper ❤️.” 

iamyvonne_godwin: “Age shaming someone is not savage Mrs parrot, I hope venita stays today so you can watch her from home.” 

henryireka: “Thank Goodness madam Eye-service is finally gone .” 

Meanwhile, Pere, Adekunle, and Venita have each been served a strike.

Pere’s strike is a result of violating the house rule on violence and damaging Big Brother’s property. This incident comes as a result of Pere’s heated argument with Doyin following revelations from a mysterious parrot. It took a dangerous turn when Pere punched a hole in  Big Brother’s wall.

Adekunle and Venita were found guilty of obstructing camera and microphone recordings, a breach of Big Brother’s technical recording equipment rules.

The tally includes Adekunle (one strike),  Ilebaye (two strikes),  Mercy (one strike), Pere (one strike), Soma (one strike), and Venita (one strike).

As the battle for supremacy intensifies, all housemates must proceed with caution to avoid further violations and the possibility of disqualification. 

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars house!

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