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Bobrisky Warns his Non-iPhone Fans to Steer clear

Popular transvestite and media figure, Bobrisky has warned that if one doesn’t have an iPhone 12 specifically, they shouldn’t come to him for pictures.

In an Instagram post, the male Barbie stressed about fans who walk up to him for pictures, but with a dirty camera. He said that he is done being nice and if you don’t use an iPhone 12, don’t come close to him for pictures else he would personally slap the individual before letting his security take action.

He said that when people end up taking bad pictures of him with their bad cameras, they’d be quick to send it to bloggers to post. He pointed that if one cannot afford a good phone, he should stay at home and sleep because it’s not by force to feel when one is broke.

Bobrisky warned, “You nough of my niceness to some of you fools here… If you don’t use an iPhone 12 pls don’t come close to me for pictures, if not I will slap you myself personally before my security will throw you out!!! Enough of bad phones.

Some of you will want to take pictures without cleaning your phone camera properly!!! And when the picture doesn’t look good you will be so quick to send it to bloggers to post. Enough of my niceness.

If you no get money to use good phone sleep at home. Is not by force to feel among when you are broke”.

His warnings are coming after his newly enhanced hip was missing while at Lady Golfer’s party. Bobrisky attended the birthday of famous socialite Lady Golfer over the weekend and took pictures with Ubi Franklin, who posted the unedited pictures on Instagram. 

Ubi also shared a live video, showing Bobrisky in his usual fashion sense, rocking a body-hug jumpsuit and paired it with a bedazzling shoe but his much raved about hips was nowhere in sight.

This stirred reactions among Netizens who alleged that his much-acclaimed body enhancement was only a sham and the butt which he claimed to have unveiled was simply a result of photo editing.


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