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Ivorian Socialize, Eudoxie Yao ends her relationship with Guinea Musician, Grand P

Eudoxie Yao and Grand P have called off their relationship over alleged infidelity. Eudoxie made the announcement of their breakup over a Facebook post.

When photos and videos of Eudoxie and Grand P first hit the net as lovers, people alleged that she’s with him because of his money and not because of love, considering the musician suffers from a rare genetic disease called progeria. Others speculated that their relationship is part of a marketing stunt, which the now estranged couple denied. The end of their relationship has only proven their allegations and assumptions wrong.

Eudoxie in a Facebook post, announced the end of her relationship with Grand P. She said she’s officially single now but not a heart to take as she’s going to focus on her music and isn’t ready to get herself involved with any man or have any romantic relationship at the moment. In other words, she’s officially single but not ready to mingle.

Before their split, Eudoxie had earlier accused Grand P of being unfaithful. But shortly after she made the announcement of their break up, picture evidence of Grand P’s infidelity started circulating. Photos of the woman he allegedly cheated with has been circulating online. They were both captured in a rather compromising position, and he was seen locking lips with the woman in one of the photos.

The diminutive musician earlier declared his political interests. He announced that he is planning to run for the president of his home country Guinea and his now ex-girlfriend, Eudoxie Yao was running his campaign. 

“I declare my candidacy for the 2020 presidential election in Guinea,” Grand P wrote on Facebook. May God bless Guinea”, Grand P declared.

He will reportedly be forming a political party called Amour Consideration et Unite – “Love, Consideration, and Unity”  as part of the bid.

Yao added: “I will be in Guinea with my [future] husband Grand P, the next president of Guinea. I will run his campaign”.

Yao has also revealed that she has political ambitions of her own, but that her candidacy for the presidency of the Ivory Coast was recently turned down. 

She wrote on Instagram, “Full support for my husband Grand P, the future president of the Republic of Guinea. My candidacy for the presidential election of Cote d’Ivoire has been rejected, but I do not despair. See you in 2025 for my candidacy. Even if I am not President of Cote d’Ivoire, I can be the First Lady of Guinea. I believe in it.”

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