Chidoka Warns PDP Over NEC Meeting

Osita Chidoka, a former minister of aviation and prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has warned that any misstep during the National Executive Committee meeting could either make or break the party.

He noted this in a statement issued on Wednesday, ahead of the party’s meeting.  Speaking to the PDP governors and the National Assembly Caucus Chidoka said that any attempt by the PDP NEC to undermine the party’s constitution may lead to “disaster that could sink the ship of the party.”

The upcoming NEC gathering will discuss whether to maintain Umar Damagum as the current acting National Chairman or appoint a replacement. 

It should be noted that Damagum previously served as the PDP Deputy National Chairman, North, and took on the role of acting National Chairman after Iyorchia Ayu was indefinitely suspended by a court in Benue State in March 2023.

Some of the stakeholders of the party are of the opinion that a member from North Central needs to be elected to complete Ayu’s tenure as per the party’s constitution. On the other hand, some have endorsed Damagum for the position of the next substantive chairman.

Speaking on the development, Chidoka said, “If at the NEC meeting, the Party fails to uphold the constitutionality and respect for the rules of the party, then I and other progressive members will not hesitate to lead the pallbearers to the funeral of the party as we know it.

“The party must put an end to its submission to filthy lucre and macabre dancing to the music of unprincipled pipers.

“It must return to the role of providing good governance to its states and principled opposition that Nigerians can trust.

“If the party’s ship is not steered away from the gigantic iceberg prominent on its path, the consequences will be dire.

“It is a matter of grave urgency to save the soul of the party that ushered and stabilised democracy in Nigeria.”

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