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Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show Crowns its Winner

Empire VIP House on wheels Reality TV show has crowned its winner with a whooping sum of five million Naira and an SUV worth a N10milliion.

Empire Africa hosted a unique and first-of-its-kind reality TV show, which lasted for 30 days with 20housemates. The show was centered on building and enhancing the housemate’s creativity. It was concerned with business, lifestyle, and public relations.

Empire VIP House on Wheels had twenty contestants carry out various tasks at different locations in order to build on their entrepreneurial skills. The contestants known as ‘busmates’ carried out their tasks while on the move using the Empire Exclusive Tour Bus fully equipped with home and kitchen appliances, toilet facilities, running water, beds and whatever you may think to find in a house, Amazing right? 

The show turned out to be really different and unique, unlike other reality shows where housemates are confined to a house for the entire period the show will last. And in this show, everyone went home with a gift, not necessarily for emerging as the winner but simply for participating. 

After a lot of competiting and evictions, the show came to an end with three winners: The winner, Juliet Ekeson had the grand prize of a car worth N10m and N5m. The first runner up, Jazz was gifted N3M and the second runner up, Daprech, a whopping N2M.

The winners made show to express their immeasurable excitement as most of them never really imagined emerging as one of the top runners. 

According to the Media man, Aligbe, “We made sure they are treated as VIP which they are because it is called, Empire VIP House on Wheels. For you to create a VIP you have to start somewhere, showing them what VIP is all about, and they were grateful about it”.

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