FG to Transform Nigeria through Digital Economy

The minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Ali Pantami, has said that the Federal Government will transform Nigeria’s fortune through a digital economy.

The Minister said this Tuesday, during the commissioning of the Muhammadu Buhari Information Technology Innovation Hub in Katsina.

Patani noted that the enormous resources spent on poverty alleviation in the past are a waste of efforts as desired results are not achieved.

 The Minister noted that “global poverty is one of the world’s pressing problems, but through digital technology innovation, the problem can be addressed.

“This is the only way to lift any nation out of poverty, and that is why we conceptualised this initiative, the IT innovation hub, to help lift Nigerians out of poverty and support the Katsina State government in its talent hunt initiative.

“From the Middle East, Asia and the USA, they are where they are today because of innovation and even here in Nigeria and Africa, we have seen how innovation has turned our nation within a span of 15 years, especially communications technology which has become one of largest economic sectors in Africa, creating millions of jobs.

“That is why, in line with this, and President Muhammadu Buhari’s vision to lift hundreds of millions of Nigerians out of poverty, we conceptualised this initiative.

“We will bring young and talented people to this centre, create, nurture and incubate their ideas and then turn the ideas into products and services and create jobs.

“The focus is on digital technology, and Katsina State is blessed with many talented people who have excelled in various world technology competitions.

“In at least five events globally, Katsina emerged global best on two occasions.

“What we need is to provide the enabling environment, the mentorship, and the support they need to be successful and, by extension, make our country more successful.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are the two prerequisites for the digital economy to build a successful digital economy.

“The whole world is now leveraging on diversifying from natural resources.

“The tech giants are the most successful companies globally in the past 20 years.

“The previous leading industries were into oil and gas, but they are no longer there today.“

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