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Harry Song Kicks Against The Believe That Most Gay People Were Born To Be Gay.

Nigerian singer, Harry song has come out to opined that people indulging in homosexuality were not born that way. The singer stated that things doesn’t just happen, but things are built up or made to happen.

Harry Songz is saying this after a Nigerian woman came out to say she was introduced to lesbianism at age 7 or 8.

The singer disagreeing with the notion stated that some people were misled and influenced by environmental factors, childhood sexual abuse, as well as lack of parental love and guidance.

He wrote:

“We have had several arguments about people saying some men that are gays are born gays and some women that are lesbians are born lesbians. I disagree cus of cases like this and lots more. eg, some were misled, some were influenced, some were even assaulted by houseboys/girls etc.”

“Some were by environmental influence, lack of good parental love and guidance, just like these people’s stories up there. “So, things don’t just happen my dear, things are built up or made to happen)  but still, with love lets keep praying for one another, guiding and helping one another where and when we can. Time no dey.”

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