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He Wasn’t Naked, Aliko Dangote’s Side Chic Insist.

Nigerian multi-billionaire Aliko Dangote’s, lover by the Instagram name @allarounda1, has come out to clear the air about showcasing Aliko’s butt on social media.

You recall two of Aliko’s side chic had a face-off on Instagram weeks ago, which led to one of them sharing a video of herself and the billionaire.

The short clip she shared revealed his butt, in for the sake of dissing the other side chic, saying she should come to join them in Miami.

Well, few weeks after the social media drama involving the billionaire, she took to her Instagram story to partake in the fan question and answer session of ‘ask me anything.’

A follower who is still trying to understand why she did what she did, asked;

Why did you post a video of a 64y/o’s butt?

She responded: “I’m only going to clarify this once!! He had pants on! It was broad daylight. In Miami, it’s hot during the day, so indoors is cold. That explains the blanket covering us.

He was not naked. Y’all seen brown KH Khaki pants and ran with the BS.”

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