He who fetches ant-infested firewood should be ready to host the lizards for a feast – Pete Edochie to Yul Edochie

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie has for the first time publicly reacted to his son, Yul Edochie’s marital saga.

It is no longer news that Yul Edochie has gotten himself entangled between his wives, May Edochie and Judy Austin. In a recent development,  his estranged first wife, May, has filed a lawsuit seeking N100m in damages from Yul and his second wife, Judy whom she accused of adultery. She also filed a restraining order, barring Yul from accessing their former matrimonial home. 

On the latest episode of ‘Withchude’, media personality, Chude Jideonwo visited the veteran actor in his abode to converse with him, and Yul’s marital issues popped up during the session.

When queried about his son’s marital saga, Pete Edochie responded in proverbs;

 “Since Yul has decided to bring in a foreign and infested woman into the family, he has invited all the lows, backwardness, pain, insults, and so on in this life.

He who goes to the farm and gets ants-infested firewoods (amongst all the good firewoods in the farm) shouldn’t be surprised when Lizards start paying him a visit.”

Watch the interview here.

Meanwhile, Controversial relationship adviser, Blessing CEO took to social media to share her opinion on Yul Edochie’s polygamy scandal as she rubbished Judy Austin for degrading the actor.

Blessing CEO explained that she and Yul are good friends, and he had the right to take another wife since polygamy is condoned in Africa.

However, she disagrees with his treatment of his first wife, May, especially at the time they had lost their first son.

She accused Judy Austin of degrading the prestige that Yul Edochie once had and the online antics she frequently engages in.

Blessing also said that she doesn’t believe Judy charmed Yul and wonders what the actor sees in Judy Austin makes him behave as he does.

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