Herb vendor Mideshaven calls out Israel DMW over N800k debt

Herb vendor Mideshaven has called out Davido’s personal logistics manager, Israel DMW, over an alleged failed contract of a whooping eight hundred thousand Naira.

Mideshaven said she contacted Israel DMW in December to promote her herbs on his page, paid him for the promotion and he breached the contract.

According to her, he charged one million and she paid an 800k deposit with the intention to complete the payment after the ad promotion had been done. Sadly, Israel refused to post her products.

Mide said Israel claimed he could not post the video on his page due to a “sensitive issue”, and when threatened to go to other blogs to market her goods, he told her not to, and then asked for more money. When she also asked him for a refund, Israel replied to her saying, ’30bg don’t refund.’

After this, she tried to speak to his wife to beg him, and Isreal allegedly blocked all numbers she tried to reach him with so she could not contact him.

As of the time of this report, Israel is yet to respond to the allegations.

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