I Totally Disagree With Obaseki’s Style of Governance – Akpata

Olumide Akpata, a Labour Party candidate for governor of Edo State, has refuted claims that he is running as Godwin Obaseki’s legislative aide.

Akpata stated this in an interview with Arise Television on Tuesday.

The candidate stated that he disapproves of the governor’s management approach, claiming it is devoid of sympathy and empathy.

Despite being a relative of Obaseki, the candidate for governor of Edo declared, “I am not Obaseki’s agent, mole, representative, or anything of the sort.” Oluwafemi Akpata, my father’s older brother, was a senator for Bendel South UPN in 1979.

“His close cousin was chairman of NPN. They had lunch every other weekend. Is one the mole of the other? That is the politics we know how to pay. We agree to disagree, Akpata stated.

“I totally disagree with Obaseki’s style of governance, even if I am his friend and relative but I can tell you publicly that I totally disagree with Obaseki. There is no empathy, no compassion in his style of governance and so we are not on the same page as long as I am concerned.”

“I have no regrets whatsoever, joining the Labour Party. Due diligence for me stopped at what the party believes in and the party’s posture. I was looking for a party that would help bring the people back into the equation.

“In politics and governance today, people have been removed from the equation and that is why I have stepped up and when I looked around, the only platform that commended itself to me, to be interested in what the people are facing is the labor party.

“I beg to say that it is not incumbent on me or any aspirant to begin to check whether it’s where crossed and I’m are dotted with regards to internal party workings.

“However, with regards to what the party stands for, I think now more than ever is the only party that is interested in the lots of the Nigerian people and that is why I had no hesitation at all.

“Being an aspirant does not make me an official of the party, so, I don’t know if they have filed their returns at INEC regarding how donations have been administered.

“I have heard in the public space about accusations and counter accusations we really can do without as a party. But my consolation is that this is the party of Peter Obi.

“I mentioned our presidential candidate because if there is anything we know him for, it is that he will ensure that the right thing will be done.

“One cannot deny that Peter Obi is a leader. I am hoping that the right thing will be done so that we can, very quickly, be able to walk away from what has become a spectacle. We can do without it.”

“Labour Party is just coming to the race. You place the blame at the doorstep of PDP and APC, the two dominant parties who have continued to pay lip service to the issue of zoning. They tout it when it comes to the election cycle and drop it when they are in power.”

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