I will stand with Trump to the End- Brazilian President.

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has supported Donald Trump’s claim of fraud in the November 3 elections.

The leader who spoke yesterday cautioned that the unrest the U.S election witnessed, pointing that it could also hit Brazil’s elections next year.

Bolsonaro said although election officials, US states, and the courts have all dismissed Trump’s claims of widespread fraud, he will stand by Trump to the end.

The far-right leader dubbed the “Tropical Trump,” a staunch supporter of the American president, a stance he maintained even as international condemnation poured in for Trump’s role in encouraging the mob stormed the US Capitol Wednesday.

“What was the problem that caused that whole crisis, basically? Lack of trust in the election,” Bolsonaro told supporters outside the presidential palace.

“They maximized mail-in ballots because of this pandemic thing, and there were people who voted three, four times. Dead people voted. It was a free-for-all. No one can deny that.”

Political analysts have said Trump’s defeat may cut off Bolsonaro’s 2022 re-election as he sculptured his rise to the presidency on the Republican billionaires.

The report gathered from AFP revealed that Bolsonaro was the last leader in the G20 group of nations to acknowledge president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, which he did only after the US electoral college officially confirmed the November 3 election result more than a month later.

As the shocking images of Wednesday’s unrest in Washington circulated in Brazil, many commentators speculated the South American country could be headed for a similar situation next year if Bolsonaro loses.
“Trump just gave Bolsonaro his script for 2022,” journalist Igor Gielow wrote in the leading newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

AFP also said Bolsonaro only fueled those concerns when he repeated his frequent criticism of Brazil’s electronic voting system, which he alleges — without evidence — is riddled with fraud.

“There’s a fraud here, too,” he said, warning Brazil faced “an even worse problem than the United States” if it did not reintroduce paper ballots, as he has insisted.

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