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Nkechi Blessing blows hot as VeryDarkman accuses her of promoting brands that don’t have NAFDAC number

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday and brand critic, Verydarkman have set the internet buzzing with their recent tussle over an unbranded product.

It all started after Nkechi Blessing in an Instagram post, advertised a particular skincare brand. 

Taking to the comment section of the post where she promoted the skincare brand, the IG user warned Nkechi that VeryDarkMan, who recently raised awareness about a similar unregistered brand, would soon address her case. This infuriated Nkechi and she slammed the IG user and VeryDarkMan.

NBS known for her ruthlessness online immediately blasted the IG user and even dared VeryDarkMan.

In response to this, VeryDarkMan with his newly found reputation as the “Skincare Warrior,”  said that indeed the IG user sent him a screenshot of the actress’ comment, prompting him to initiate an investigation into the skincare brand, ‘Dorindas’, which she endorsed.

His findings showed that the brand is not registered with the National Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC), despite also producing skincare products for children. 

He had peacefully advised that the brand get their products NAFDAC approved, especially since they also make skincare products for kids.

In light of this revelation, Nkechi Blessing went live on her Instagram page and vehemently criticized VeryDarkMan and warned him not to meddle in her affairs.

She contested the allegations of the products lacking NAFDAC approval and showcased a NAFDAC number on one of the brand’s products.

Nkechi Blessing didn’t stop there; she also cursed him out by revealing that Very Dark Man lived in a one-room apartment and was struggling financially.

Verydarkman immediately clapped back at her, as he revealed three easy ways he could end her career for good and get her American visa revoked.

VeryDarkman warned her not to go down and messy with him because he has little to lose compared to her.

He cited how Nkechi Blessing had taken the photo of one of the ladies on IG who commented on their skincare brand saga and posted it on her status. She had slut-shamed the lady using many unprintable words.

According to VeryDarkman, such action, if he were to take it to the embassy, would definitely cost her her American visa because what she did was a serious offense on the lady.

The TikTok sensation, “Very Dark Man” gained notoriety for his efforts to expose skincare brands operating without proper certification after his recent attack against Jenny’s Glow, a brand that reportedly lacked a NAFDAC registration and was famous for harming its customers’ skin.

Watch the entire saga here.

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