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“Over N40 million was raised” – Actor calls out Mr Ibu’s wife, accuses her of using his illness to make money

Actor Digidi Dunhill has called out Mr Ibu’s wife, accusing her of using her husband’s illness to make money.

Mr. Ibu had previously reached out on social media seeking financial assistance for his medical needs. He was diagnosed with a critical illness and was in need of urgent surgery. 

His fans and colleagues rallied around him, providing the financial support he needed, which was paid into the account he provided online.

DunHill has however expressed doubts about Mr. Ibu’s wife handling the funds raised for Mr Ibu’s health.

In a social media post, Dunhill voiced his thoughts on the situation surrounding Mr Ibu’s illness. He advised against marrying someone who seeks to benefit financially from a spouse’s sickness.

He claimed that actors and friends had already raised over N40 million for Mr Ibu’s health before the wife’s involvement became prominent.

In his words;

“The only thing that I will say about my friend Ibu. NEVER MARRY A WIFE THAT WANTS TO GET RICH WITH YOUR SICKNESS. He should have over #40million raised by actors and friends even before her noise and rants. Kate Henshaw may not say it but I am not Kate, I am Digidi and will say it bluntly as it is.

“She is not just happy that every money is paid into Ibu account..She wants to be incharge of all the money given for his health.We have not seen her in any events hosted in his honour by Actors .She is working with Jasmine that is claiming to be his daughter but she is not, they want to generate pity for money.

“They know exactly what they are doing. The night that we celebrated Ibu last month in Abuja, between 7pm and 11 pm #millions of Naira was raised..This was within hours and not in days. She should stop painting Ibu picture as if he is a pauper, a phone call from Johny B Good will raise millions within hours.

“What happened to Ibu BMW X6 and other cars? Who sold them? Does he have any car now? What happened to his prestigious office @ Amuwo Odofin we’ve had meetings?It is just a question.Some of us know how she lived with him in Satellite town. I DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS BUT FOR RECORD PURPOSES, ACTORS GUILD HAVE SUPPORTED HIM FOR LONG WITHOUT PUBLISHING IT. I AM DIGIDI DUNHILL.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma had previously shared that Mr Ibu underwent two major surgeries a few days ago.

However, the outcome of these surgeries has not yielded significant positive changes in his health.

The post, aimed at garnering support for her father’s health, has however raised eyebrows and heightened concerns about his well-being.

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