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People think that I’m a native doctor because I sleep in a coffin sometimes” – Charly Boy

One of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers, Charly boy decided to take us on a walk through his spiritual and religious life. 

The singer in a tweet, called for prayers from well-wishers as he states the difference between his choice of spirituality and that of a typical religious Nigerian.

He said that as much as he has transversed so many religious teachings, he believes he is a spiritual being. And he doesn’t need a church, mosque, or a synagogue to be born again. Charly boy said that people misrepresent his spirituality, as some think he’s a native doctor because of his occasional nap in a coffin. He expatiated by saying that he is not denying Christ, by not being a Christain but he is rather expanding on Christ narrative by being an atheist. 

In Charly Boy’s words;


A few people know dat am more Spiritual dan Religious. Some even think say I be correct native doctor as I dey sleep for coffin Coffin smtimes. I go just dey laff when sm go ask me if I believe in God.

Naija too like drama. As much as I have transversed so many religious teachings, I believe am a spiritual being. I have my own relationship with a being dat I consider to be everywhere. All and everything. I don’t need a church, a synagogue or a mosque.

I don’t need to kneel down or stand up or be Born again, again. I am not denying Christ by not being a Christian. I am a Theist, expanding on Christ’s narrative. If you know u know”.

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