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Rick Ross acquires a $5billion 18-seater airplane

 Rick Ross who has over a 100 cars and motorcycles to his name, has added an 18-seater private jet to his enormous collection.

In a video posted on Instagram, Rozay shared the news of Rick Ross’ most recent acquisition alongside photo evidence.

Rick Ross was seen standing in front of the aircraft, which has his name written across it in golden letters, along with the Maybach Music Group logo on its vertical stabilizer.

The caption reads: “Sky’s the limit .. Maybach Airlines Reaching new heights.”

Inside the plane, Ross showed off the spiraling decor and automated features, like a self-folding table and shades that draw with the click of a button. He also disclosed that the plane is worth $5 billion.

Between the walkthrough of his airplane and the motivational snippets for his fans, Ross also announced his plans to host a pool party, which is set to take place on July 2 for those who are down with “celebrating with the boss.”

“Who wanna go ’round the world with Ricky Rozay?” he says pointing the camera to the jet. “Let’s take our hustle around the world, not just in the U.S. — Africa, what’s up? Greece, what’s up?

“This is my first jet I ever bought,” he continues. “Don’t you ever stop chasing your dreams. Don’t you ever let nobody tell you what you worth. Don’t you ever accept that”, Ross said.

One thought on “Rick Ross acquires a $5billion 18-seater airplane

  • The plane is not worth $5 billion. That is more than several F-22 Raptors.


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