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Pere and Mercy Eke unfollow each other on Instagram

‘Percy Shippers’ are in tears as Former Big Brother Naija housemates turned lovers unfollow each other on Instagram.

Mercy Eke and Pere’s relationship began during their time in the Big Brother house. Their connection gradually deepened towards the end of the show. Once outside the house, they were vocal about their feelings for each other, openly claiming each other as their partners.

Speaking about their ship, Pere Egbi opened up in an honest interview on what initially got him attracted to Mercy, which is her unwavering faith and deep love for God. According to Pere, Mercy read her Bible every day while they were in the house.

Mercy and Pere proclaimed that their relationship was genuine, and not a situationship like the public paraded it to be. Then suddenly, they’re no longer following each other on Instagram.

This surprising twist unfolded on a seemingly peaceful night, leaving fans and followers confused about the underlying reasons. 

The move has ignited a firestorm of speculation on Twitter, where netizens were quick to brandish them with the term “clout chasers.”

The exact reasons behind the social media unfollowing remain undisclosed. However, the split follows a chain of events that have been captivating the online community.

Just yesterday morning, Mercy  Eke and Angel had also unfollowed each other on social media. This move came in the wake of a viral interview featuring Mercy Eke, which had garnered significant attention. After the interview went live, Mercy Eke fans and Angel’s mom got into a heated online clash. 

Mercy not only unfollows Angel but also extends the unfollowing to Angel’s boyfriend, Soma.

Pere, on the other hand, chose to publicly defend Mercy Eke amidst the unfolding drama. He declared his unwavering support for her, making it clear that he had her back. Their public appearance in a club not long ago further details surrounding their relationship. 

Fans of the duo, affectionately known as “Percy Shippers,” and the general public were taken aback by the sudden unfollowing between Mercy Eke and Pere. Here are some reactions below:

big_fav__ wrote, “Well, they can’t try this nonsense because my mental health is at stake, and they haven’t even received any ‘shipper money’ and gifts! Wait, what is this?”

bojan_xx: “Shippers, you guys won’t catch a break! Seems like the pressure and the gifts got to them, and they’re tired of playing their roles.”

nasey_collections: “News… Pere and Mercy are the biggest celebrities in Nigeria right now.”

aniebietumoh55: “They are just keeping their relationship out of social media, which is a good thing.”

Redflag: “Cloutchasers oshi”.

Samuel: “Lmao there wan divert attention”.

BIG SANDRA OF CN: “Lol nurse Pelumi never start that one? He will milk rubbish outta mercy”.

Tobi_lobs: “This script don too cast…Our attention can never be diverted@ Ik spill wetin dey your mind shapshap”.

Em’s Bliss: Chomzy and Elo walked so they can fly”.

Nengi ninja: Two clout chasers with dry content”.

abimbola_: “Don’t be fooled, they are still together. They just want to keep their relationship off social media. Mercy even said it in the Big Brother house that she can never follow anyone she’s dating on social media. I respect that.”

faustyyyyyyyyy: “They are fine; I just spoke with them.”

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