Peruzzi’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Reveals she Dreamt about his Death

UK based singer, Daffy Blanco, disclosed the dream she had about Peruzzi. The singer took to her
Instagram to reveal that she had a dream that Peruzzi died. A sensitive post that is coming after Davido’s Aide and Peruzzi’s friend, Obama DMW, was buried.
Daffy, who accused Peruzzi in 2020 of sexually assaulting and defrauding her of N15M, cleared the air on
their shared history. The singer said that life is too short to hold grudges and that is why she has decided
to forgive Peruzzi. She went on to disclose how she was heartbroken and bitter after she had the dream
of Peruzzi’s death, adding that she misses the good times she shared with Peruzzi. In her words.

“I wanna use this hour, this minute and this second to get this off my chest …I just realized
how we take 24 hours for granted ???!!! A few days ago I came across some pictures and videos of me
and Peruzzi I watched them and laughed so much not to mention the conversations and our fights lol,
Apart from everything that happen we were once cool, we spoke the same language and shared the
same pain of losing our mothers .Sometimes we joked and sometimes we spoke so deep that at times
we even got emotional. Day before yesterday I had a bad dream that he was gone… In that very dream I
was crying and so emotional I kept saying no no it’s not possible, Not My Huncho ….! When I woke up I
thanked god that it was just a dream. Please take care of yourself please be safe …!!! Life to short for me
to hold grudges in forgiveness we heal. Love wins”.

Reacting to this, Peruzzi made a public revocation. He opposed every plan of his adversaries, stating
that “No weapon Fashioned Against me Shall Prosper. And that’s on default”.

Recall that in 2020, Daffy said that she was in dire need of a songwriter to give her hit songs and Peruzzi
was recommended by a close ally. She said she met up with him to discuss their contract and eventually
made a payment of 10million for him to commence work immediately.

However, things got out of hand when Peruzzi followed her back to her hotel. Upon seeing him, she felt
he had followed her to start work immediately but he had other intentions. Daffy said Peruzzi almost
raped her but she had to fight him off and ended up getting a scar. Daffy also revealed that Peruzzi
called her to apologize for his actions and tried to settle things between them but he was still unable to
deliver the songs he was contracted for.

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