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Rapper Skales threatens to beat up MC Galaxy, See MC Galaxy’s Comeback

SKales and MC Galaxy have been dragging each other on social media for reasons we don’t know yet. 

This tussle initially started with Skales calling out MC Galaxy on Instagram. On his Instagram story, he called MC galaxy smelly and threatened to beat him up. 

One day I go beat that stupid-smelling MC Galaxy… F**k boy.” Scales wrote. 

In response to this public call out, MC galaxy decided not to be a coward but drastically fire back at skales. First, Galaxy money-shamed Skales, telling him to let him know when he’s ready for the fight he had earlier threatened. 

Taking to his Instagram story, Galaxy wrote “Broke boys wey dey collect money from women can make noise sha lol, Adiok anofiii… Let me know when you are ready for the fight. Idiot Lol. Beggar Lol”.

From Galaxy’s update, it looks like there is more to this ‘Instagram story battle’. Well let’s all stay tuned to the incoming aproko. 

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