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“Secular musicians are waiting for you if gospel circles reject you”- Ksolo encourage Sammie Okposo

Music Producer, Solomon Oyeniyi a.k.a Ksolo has slammed Christians criticizing Sammie Okposo for his confession of adultery.

Gospel Singer, Sammie Okposo had confessed to cheating on his wife with an American lady. He later tendered a public apology to his wife, the ministry, and the church at large for his actions. 

It was later revealed that the said American lady got pregnant for Okposo in the course of their relationship and she insists on keeping the baby.

Following the entire controversy, Okposo has been duly criticized and cautioned for engaging in such brouhaha, being an ordained gospel singer. It extended to the Dunamis church blacklisting him from performing in their forthcoming concert.

Famous Media Personality Morayo Afolabi while reacting to the cheating scandal pointed out that Sammie Okposo has consistently been alleged of committing adultery. She also recalled how Sammie Okposo was sacked in Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s Church over alleged fornication with Choir members.

Morayo blatantly questioned what men want in a relationship and marriage, whilst stating that Sammie Okposo isn’t cute and his wife is gorgeous, yet he cheated on her.

Music Producer, Ksolo has however taken sides with the gospel singer, stating that if the gospel circle rejects him, he’ll be welcomed by secular musicians.

Ksolo wrote on Twitter:

 “All this fake Christian’s very soon you will mix sniper and ask him to drink. Deputy Jesus everywhere because he came out?? What about you Bishops, Apostles that have slept with our wives and spouses, then come out to deny?

Now this one wants healing for his home regardless of his stupidity. More Single Women Building an Empire to Accommodate More broken homes. Sad as UNA WAN KILL AM ABI? SAMMY OKPOSO, SECULAR MUSICIANS ARE WAITING FOR YOU IF THE GOSPEL CIRCLE DONT WANT YOU AGAIN.

You werey still converge under the fornication anointing. You fight dirty to keep your fornicating pastors. Fuvk all of Y’all Thank God Mercy is not a Pastor so we are Fine. You don’t need to agree with me .But we are all thieves, na who dem catch be barawo”.

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