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See Why Wendy Williams Shades Her Ex-Husband’s Alleged Mistress.

For the first time, Wendy Williams mentioned her ex-husband’s alleged mistress on her show “wendy Williams show.”

Wendy, who is separated from her husband, kelvin, after she alleged, he cheated on her, threw a subtle shade at his mistress Sharina Hudson.

As usual on her show, Wendy sipping her tea, said, “Welcome to Hot Topics, Sharina Hudson!.” She further shared a clip from her documentary film “Wendy Williams: What a Mess!” the film is set to premiere this Sunday, January 31, on Lifetime.

“Good morning, Journey,” Wendy said, adding: “She’ll be almost three– I think she’ll be three next month, don’t you know.”

“Good morning, Kelvin,” emphasizing the legal spelling of Kevin Hunter’s name,” before adding dismissively, “It’s my truth.”

Wendy went on to admit that she knew about her husband’s years of alleged infidelity, but the final straw was when he allegedly impregnated his mistress, who happens to be her long time therapist.

She stated that she is yet to meet Sharina’s daughter, saying she doesn’t know why but “I don’t want to know her.”

Wendy Williams, who filed for a divorce from her ex-husband kelvin in April 2019, after 22 years of marriage, went on to say that she expects to see kelvin in her life, as well as Sharina at their 20 years old son’s graduation, except he won’t be bringing Sharina or their daughter.

“His dad will always be his dad. I haven’t seen change in that way from him,” she told ET on Tuesday, January 26. “But what I do see is my tolerance from afar to understand that he will be required to be at Kevin’s graduation from college, and he will be required to have better taste than to bring the side piece and the little girl.”

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