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Skit-maker Ashmusy gifts cars to her workers

Nigerian skit maker, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy, has bought two Toyota cars as a gift for her employees.

She announced the car gifts through her official Instagram page and named the people she wanted to surprise.

Ashmusy said one of the whips would be gifted to Kosisochukwu, a dedicated and loyal staff in her beauty product company.

She said Kosi has worked diligently in her company for her for five years and she’s been there since the start of her company.

Ashmusy had asked Kosi to come to her home with some beauty products for a client, but she was unaware that there was no customer and it was all part of a surprise to make her a car owner.

She shared a video that showed the lovely moment she presented one of the cars to Kosi who was moved to tears.

The content creator said the second car was meant to be used as an official vehicle by staff at her real estate company.

She captioned the post;

“Bought a personal car for my girl 😍 and next thing I’ll buy her is a house ❤️ wait for it 😩. The best staff anyone could ever ask for.. I love and appreciate you kosi ..even though I don’t like to show it lol..

Oh I love my entire team ohh🤣 let the others not see this and get jealous😂. Also got one for @diamondcrest___homes 😍. God bless my entire team🥰 especially my mom❤️.”

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