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 SouthEast Commission Bill Passes Third Reading

A bill for an Act to establish the South East Commission has passed a third reading in the 10th Assembly.

After debating the South East Development Commission (establishment) bill, which was brought up by Senate Leader Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, a representative from Ekiti Central, the Senate unanimously decided on the matter in a Committee of the Whole. The committee was presided over by Senate President Godswill Akpabio.

In order to rebuild and restore the roads, homes, and other infrastructure damages the region has experienced as a result of the civil war, the commission will be tasked with receiving and managing monies allocated from the federation account.

Along with any other relevant environmental or developmental issues, the law is anticipated to address the Southeast states’ ecological issues.

It is worth noting that once a bill has passed the third reading stage, no amendment can be made to it. However, in certain circumstances, if a legislator wishes to suggest an amendment, s/he must move a motion that the bill be re-committed to the Committee stage for the amendment to be included. If the motion is agreed upon, the House/Senate will dissolve to discuss the amendments. After all necessary amendments, the House/Senate will then proceed to the third reading and pass the bill.

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