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That’s A Poor Decision: Tory Lanez Call Out Rick Ross Over His Beef With Megan Stallion

Tory Lanez seems to be in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Starting with him being accused by Megan thee stallion for shooting her in the foot and taking off to avoid being identified, which after weeks of Stallion recovering from the incident, took to her social media to reveal that tory was the one that shot her. She later revealed that tory texted her and was apologizing to her.

Months after being accused for shooting Megan for shooting her in the leg and staying off social media that period, Tory Lanez surfaced on social media, leaving a message for his fans, apologizing for being silent. “I’m sorry for my silence.. but respectfully…I got time today…9PM PST”

Tory also released a 17 track album titled “DayStar” which he talked about a lot.


In one of his song “money over fallouts” he addressed his riff  with Megan stallion, denying the shooting her. In his lyrics “How the F*** you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons? How thee… your team is trying to pay me in some whole millions? I just lost like 10 million dollars because this cold business. But I got like 10 million followers, that gon’ roll with me, fans that support me because they know my heart”.

Meanwhile, on other tracks, he spoke about reconciling with Megan but then he has moved on with a new girlfriend.

Megan stallion and her team, upon hearing Tory’s response in his album, steered more controversies, accusing Lanez of launching a campaign against her, as retaliation for her accusing him of shooting her, back in July when they had their little relationship fight.

This time, Megan and her team alleges that, tory is creating fake accounts on social media and emails, just to spread fake stories about her.

Tory Lanez, still addressing everyone he feels has crossed path, didn’t lean back on calling out Rick Ross, for sharing his opinion about Tory’s decision by dissing and calling out Megan in his album the same week the cops who shot American rapper Breonna Taylor, were not charged with murder after the court hearing.

According to Rick Ross, addressing the saga between Megan and tory, he stated that the way tory went about it was wrong. “its not the way to address allegations about shooting a black woman”. He also reminds Lanez that “they gatta respect these sisters”

Well tory didn’t have a chill for ross after his comment as he replied him “I respect u 2 much as a balckman to disrespect you in these times. However, I went out and marched 9 days straight for breonna taylor…in 2your city,.. id dint see the “boss” out there once?.. alos stop tagging your endorsement post about her. It’s a poor decision”

Lots of celebrities are not taking it calmly with tory on this one. Looks like tory just ended up having more beef with other celebs in the industry.

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