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Ubah Seeks One Tenure in Anambra

Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, the senator representing the Anambra South Senatorial district, has pledged to serve just one term if elected to the Anambra governorship the next year.

The Young Progressive Party (YPP) member Ubah recently defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and expressed interest in running against Professor Chukwuma Soludo, the current governor.

Speaking to the media in Nnewi, Ubah pledged to serve a single term in order to finish the senatorial district of Anambra South in accordance with the state’s current zoning agreement.

The current governor, Soludo, hails from the Anambra South senatorial district in Ubah and is gearing up to run for reelection on the banner of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, or APGA.

Ubah expressed displeasure that Governor Soludo’s administration had shown to be ineffective and that the state’s populace felt let down by the APGA administration, saying that the state needed to be immediately set on the path of economic progress.

If elected as the state’s governor, Ubah further pledged to hold local government elections within four months in order to promote growth throughout the entire state at once.

He asserts that any committed governor may achieve higher success and public satisfaction in the state in just four years.

Under Governor Soludo, he noted, progress has been extremely slow. He also said that people’s hopes that the Economics Professor would lead them to greater success have been crushed, as the current administration’s primary accomplishment is to demolish people’s means of subsistence.

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