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“The heart of man is desperately wicked and evil” Nuella Njubigbo calls out to Nollywood producer

Nollywood actress, Nutella Njubuigbo took to social media to call out a Nigerian producer by the name of Chukwuma Nwali.

Taking to her Instagram page, the new mom asserted that the heart of man is indeed desperately wicked and evil.

Sharing a photo of the supposed Nollywood Director of Photography and producer, she stated that he does more than wickedness in the hidden.

Though not going into details, Nuella however vowed to share more details as she questioned if anyone had seen him around and warned them of him.

“The heart of ma is indeed desperately wicked and evil. His name is Chukwuma (Chuks) Nwali @realchuksnwali A supposed Nollywood Director of Photography and Producer. But he does more than this in the hidden. As anyone seen him around? Y’all beware. More details coming”, she wrote.

Early this year, Angela Okorie had called out her former personal assistant and others, accusing them of engaging in extortion involving the identity of her 12-year-old son in their dubious practices.

Pouring out her heart in a social media post, Angela wrote;

“So I was helping this hungry bunch of people, and they all doing me dirty? Chamberlain UD Swagzy, Leonard duped a woman in America, all with my name and son’s name. I can not be part of any evil in this life. I will not just arrest you all, you will make sure you guys pay every dime. Extorted from my fans, goddammit.

“To make it worse y’all involved son’s name on it How can a boy of 12 years be involved in this demonic act, hungry people, always looking for people to extort from, this pu$$y niga Leo and DJ Pretty also planned me evil just imagine this dirty murderfuckers.

Angela threatened to arrest the young man and his accomplice, DJ Pretty, whom she believed was working with him.

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