We Don’t See The President Hands-on With Our Security – NEF

President Bola Tinubu has demonstrated an apparent lack of interest in security through his words, actions, and body language, according to the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

This was stated by a member of the NEF, Professor Usman Yusuf, who made this statement during his appearance on Arise Television.

He said, “Our president and commander in chief, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, from his words, deeds, and body language, is not interested in security. All he’s interested in is the economy, where the money is, and he’s planted his people. Security, banditry, and others appear irritant to him.

“We don’t see the president hands-on with our security. Our military is not supervised by civilian authority; they’ve gone rogue, dropping bombs on our people, and they’re not answerable to anybody. In the United States, where we copied the presidential system, the military is subordinate to civilian authority.”

In addition, he questioned the function of the minister of defense, asserting that the president had delegated the military’s responsibility for national security.

He further demanded an investigation into the bombing in Kaduna, arguing that the military is incapable of conducting its investigations.

He said: “Whatever the president is planning to do, the military cannot investigate itself. We’ve had several incidences, and there have been no outcomes.

“There should be an independent judicial panel headed by a retired CJN, a former defense chief, traditional leaders, and religious leaders who are interested in protecting the people,” he said.

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