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“We’ve left our Exes to focus on each other ” – Angel and Soma

Big Brother Naija All-Stars lovebirds, Soma and Angel have disclosed that while many think their relationship in the house is a part of the game, they are actually in love and their relationship is genuine.

During their media rounds on ClassicFM 97.3 following their eviction from the house, they revealed that they had left their exes in order to be together and make the relationship between them work.

Speaking on how they connected, Soma noted that he and Angel had the chemistry link them together first as friends. He emphasized that what he and Angel had in Biggie’s house wasn’t a strategy but a real feeling and likeness for each other.

Adding her voice to their interview, Angel said that her relationship with her ex won’t work anymore as she’s leaving him to focus on her newfound feelings with Soma.

Watch them speak here.

Their decision to get rid of their partners before the show and stick together triggered the following reactions amongst Netizens;

One Adoptedson commented, “I don’t believe they were ever in any relationship outside the house though if not you can’t confidently just ex someone you have been with for a long time for someone u spent 3months with. Then n their assumed ex’s will be fine though”.

CreativeOliverr wrote, “You see that laugh wey Angel laugh after Soma talk?? E go shock Soma later when he discovers he’s on his own. And the werey girl Neva address her former guy yet😂😂 YOU’RE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE MY GUY!!”

@Hybrid_ola wrote, “Y’all would leave who you’ve been in a long time relationship with to be with who you just met in 6 weeks”.

@_MzJayde wrote, “They are in love 🥰”.

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