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“You are a bloody liar”- Tony Tetuila and  Eddy Montana slam former group member, Eedris Abdulkareem over his recent interview

Veteran Nigerian singers, Tony Tetuila and Eddy Montana have called out their former Remedies group member, Eedris Abdulkareem over the revelations he made during a recent interview.

In the controversial interview, Eedris shared his grass-to-grace story. He recalled the time he was starting out with Eddy (Montana) and how they went to Ilorin to perform.

He said it was there that he met Tony Tetuila who wanted to sing “desperately” so they invited him to join them.

“That was how we became three,” Eedris narrated.

However, Tony Tetuilah did not agree with Eedris’ account of their past and he reacted by calling him a liar.

Reacting to the interview, Tony wrote: “Am highly disappointed in this guy, he is a bloody liar,how could a grown man like this be telling lies, na GOD go punish who dey lie.”

Eddy Montana on his own part expressed his dislike for Eedris, describing him as a ‘’treacherous bastard”.

In an interview with Daddyfreeze, former Remedies group member accused Eedris of never offering tangible help to him during his down time. He also accused Eedris of stealing his work many years ago. 

In his words;

‘’Eedris is a treacherous bastard. Eedris is a cheat. Nigerians should stop listening to Eedris. I have been quiet all this while because I didn’t want trouble and I didn’t want people to think we are fighting. We are grown ups, we shouldn’t be fighting any more but bro, what is mine cannot be taken away from me. I will die before what is mine can be taken a away from me.

‘’Eedris made money from the government one time. Eedris nor dey help anybody, Na himself e know. Eedris made N120 million or N150 million from government when we were all down. I was down and out. This was a guy that I brought to eat food. I went to Asaba for four years. I was tired. I came back to Lagos. I called Eedris ‘ See what I am going through’’. Eedris said I should come to this hotel. I will drive to that hotel and I will not see Eedris. I had to drive to five hotels before I saw the hotel he was in. Guess what? All the while he was on the phone telling me to come to this hotel, he was not in any of the hotels. He had left. I met the manager of the last hotel when he called me and the manager said he just left. 

Bro I nor see any help till today from am (Eedris). The biggest help Eedris will say he helped me will be he sent me N5000 twice. I gave the money to my boys. It was an insult. I have never given Eedris N5000 before”.

Watch the video here.

By Ezinne Okorie

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