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“You need therapy” Zlatan reacts to Video Vixen, Bolanle and her husband’s Separation

Video vixen Omobolanle popularly known as Pepper Dem, after she appeared in rapper Zlatan Ibile’s hit song, Pepper Dem, has been sent packing from her husband’s house just six months after tying the knot.

According to her husband Abiodun Lincon, they had an argument that turned violent and he went on to Livestream when he sent her packing, likewise, some items in their home which he claimed were destroyed by Bolanle during the fight.

Lincon also revealed that their marriage was a sham as he only married her for clout. He further said that Bolanle is not meant for marriage and should return to her mother’s house. Lincon wrote: 

“Marriage is not for you @bolanle_mz come and be going back to your mother’s house. A nigga put you under his roof yet you don’t appreciate. If it’s easy why did your father run and left your momma? You b8tch don’t think before you misbehave. You will learn from Lincon.” 

In another, he issued a warning to single women who might think to hit him up. “Y’all bitch’s on my comment section like you have a roof to sleep over tonight, pls don’t dm me if you a single bastard”, he wrote.

In a different video he shared on Instagram, Lincon disclosed that he has a family in South Africa and won’t entertain any form of disrespect from Bolanle. He also insulted the women supporting Bolanle, calling them 50k bleached prostitutes. He extended it to the men taking her side, cursing that they will have a marriage like the one he had with Bolanle.

Reacting to the entire stunt pulled off by Lincon, Zlatan, being close friends with Bolanle, spoke up. He left a comment on one of the videos Lincon shared insulting his wife Bolanle.

“You need therapy bro,” Zlatan told Lincon.

And Lincon hit back at Zlatan writing: “You fool bro go meet your baby mama in UK.”

Abiodun Lincon and Bolanle got married in February 2021, less than 6 months ago. They have a son who just turned 2 months old. So far, Bolanle hasn’t dropped any comments with regards to her shattered marriage.

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