Americans Await their next President

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are battling it out for the White House, with polls closed across the United States yesterday and a long night of waiting for results in key battlegrounds on the cards. Americans are casting their ballots for president, members of Congress, and in state and local races.
More than 100 million ballots were cast before Election Day, according to a survey of election officials by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalyst.
Twitter has imposed restriction on a tweet by U.S. President Trump in which he alleges an attempt by unnamed persons to “steal the election”.
“We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!” the tweet reads.
Twitter quickly flagged the message, preventing users from commenting, liking, or retweeting it.

The company added a warning: “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”
It attached a link directing users to its Civic Integrity Policy, which among others, forbids the usage of the platform to manipulate or interfere in “elections or other civic processes”.
Voters in the U.S. presidential election faced a public health crisis and a wounded economy, but neither candidate emerged as the clear choice to handle both of those issues, according to AP Vote cast.
More voters — both nationwide and in key battlegrounds — said former Vice President Joe Biden would be better able to handle the coronavirus pandemic, the top concern for about 4 in 10 voters. But President Donald Trump edged out Biden on the question of who would be better to rebuild an economy besieged by nearly 11 million job losses and small businesses staring down a bleak winter. About 3 in 10 voters nationally ranked the economy as the most pressing issue.

The competing concerns dominated the race between Trump and Biden, which concluded Tuesday with the candidates locked in tight races across the battleground states. Biden warned that the economy can never fully heal unless the coronavirus is first contained and businesses can fully reopen. Trump argued that the economy should not be a casualty of the disease and maintained, without evidence, that the nation was “rounding the turn.”
Voters grouped themselves into two coalitions with little common ground — with Republicans seeing a solid economy where Democrats saw fragility. Issues such as racism and climate change were concerns for the majority of Biden voters, but they resonated less with Trump backers.
Trump continued to draw support from a coalition of white men, white voters without a college degree, and those living in small towns and rural communities. Biden enjoyed more backing from women, college graduates, young people, and Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters.
Millions of voters rushed to cast their ballots early and did so with a clear sense of anxiety and worry. About 6 in 10 voters — including most Biden voters and about a quarter of Trump voters — said they think things in the country are on the wrong track.
Although a coalition of the result is ongoing, the candidates are optimistic about the poll, here is from Trump

Biden has this to say

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