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BBNaijaAllstars: ‘CeeC’s strategy is to have the whole house against her’ – Cross

Cross, a fellow housemate in BBNaija’s Season 8 All-Stars edition has come to the conclusion that co-housemate CeeC’s winning strategy is to have the whole house against her while on the show.

Cee-C on Wednesday morning had a heated confrontation with fellow housemate Pere. 

The argument initially involved CeeC and another housemate, but it shifted to Pere after CeeC accused him of being a bad friend.

Pere, taken aback by this statement, questioned whether CeeC mistook him for Tobi.

This further angered CeeC, leading her to passionately express her frustration and hurl insults at Pere, including terms like ‘coward,’ ‘fool at 40,‘ and ‘instigator.’

During the heated exchange, CeeC escalated the situation by making provocative remarks about Pere’s family. She cussed that he and his entire generation are cowards.

See their gbas gbos here.

Shortly after this incident, Cross told Kim Oprah that CeeC’s strategy involved creating conflicts in the house to give the impression that the other housemates were against her.

He said, “CeeC’s strategy is to turn the entire house against her. That seems to be the new strategy in town.”

See some reactions below:

@williamz_core: “And it’s not good for her, if she’s doing this for everyone to go against her na wahala for her. It won’t end well if they team up against her.”

@Oluchi451921134: “And your strategy is to turn the house against her. Be playing.”

@Allegrata3: “The house was already against CeeC. Kim, Doyin and others plotted since Monday to get her angry and now it’s a reality they are pretending to be innocent. Ateast be haters with your full chest.”

@OtavboruoOvie: “Foolish talk. She has had quarrel with ILEBAYE and alex and today they are talking but she want the whole house. Yesterday angel insulted her for nothing, 1 hour time she came to apologise & Cecee waved it. Today she is quarreling with pere and you can see support to trigger her.”

@Jaybaby75410207: “Did she tell them to gang up against her no..so they’re the stupi**d ones that’s selling the narrative not her.”

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