Blessing CEO sparks dating rumours with businessman, IVD

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, has sparked a relationship rumour with popular Lagos car dealer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD.

Blessing CEO has been in IVD’s stories since the death of his wife, Bimbo.

Recall that Bimbo Ogbonna, the wife of IVD reportedly died following an injury sustained from a fire incident that occurred in their home in Megamound Estate as a result of violence.

All fingers pointed to IVD being the cause of Bimbo’s death, as there were reports of domestic violence on the man’s part. 

Blessing maintained her stance on the case besides IVD, she even went as far as sharing receipts and evidence to dispute the claims that IVD physically assaulted and killed his wife.

She also took to Instagram to reveal things about the late Bimbo Ogbonna and IVD in a bid to prove his innocence after the police arrested him for domestic violence.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, Blessing shared a photo of a man’s hand with her initials ‘BCEO’ tattooed on it with the caption,

“Never been so bold to post any MAN on my timeline on social media.

But I don’t know why you seem so right.️.

Mixed feelings (fear and excitement)

I taught my feelings had died with my past, but you came and made it easy and effortless for me to bend almost all my rules and open all my boundaries.

You are strong because so many MEN tried even with money, but I did not bend, but you came and did noting and I have tumbled and fallen for you …

Thank you boo boo .

And I am happy to say ❤️ you .

Happy new year …

I love the Tatooooo ❤️❤️❤️🎶

It’s my wallpaper and screen saver 🥰.”

This triggered curiosity among her followers, who did investigative work, and discovered that IVD has a similar tattoo on his hand. Over inquisitive Netizens also dotted their ‘I’s and crossed their T’s, concluding that a relationship would only be the reason why Blessing takes up the stress of trying to prove IVD’s innocence in the IVD-Bimbo’s case.

See some reactions below;

redbutterflydude: “Our relationship expert has fallen in love!!!!” 

vitaecouture_: “Was that why she was acting like that when that woman died? omoooooooooooo.” 

chidi.ma_: “Awwwnn no wonder she was fighting for him soo badly❤️❤️❤️ IVD done find love after 2 months ” 

call2bar: “Oh! My heart weeps! Blessing, it isn’t enough that you bashed Bimbo when she died, heaped the blame on her, u proceeded to producing a movie centered on her story, portraying her as the villain and now, you have TAKEN OVER HER MAN? IVD?” 

emmanuella.eze.9461: “WomenMy gender….can you imagine.” 

50shadesofbeeba: “No be the man wey the wife burn ihnself be this? haaaaa or am I wrong?!!! Nawa ooooo “.

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